Plusimg is a powerful, easy-to-deploy social media sharing tool for publishers.

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Social Image Sharing Plugin
Turn your images into shareable content
Shared Image Analytics
Track who is sharing your image, and where
Custom Button Themes
Custom layouts and themes to match your brand
Configure Social Media Websites
Customized site selection and email sharing
Many Caches, Yes
Optimized for speed and quick downloads
Mobile and Tablet Support
Mobile and tablet device support
Some features only available with subscription
Quick Start Guide

<img src="images/foo/bar.png">

<img src="images/foo/bar.png" data-pimg>

<script src="" async defer></script>
... other scripts, etc.

Be sure to replace id in the example with your publisher id.

Signup for a plusimg account.
It's free!


Insert the <script> tag provided with your publisher key into your website. Example


Add the attribute data-pimg to any <img> tags to enable sharing. Example

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Plans and Pricing
100%, forever
Enjoy all these features:
  • 1 domain
  • Up to 1,000 requests per day
  • Secure connection (https)
  • Basic theme
per month
Everything in Free, plus:
  • 2 domains
  • Up to 10,000 requests per day
  • Theme selections
  • Customized sharing messaging
  • Premium support
per month
Everything in Premium, plus:
  • 5 domains
  • 100,000+ requests per day
  • Custom theme
  • No branding
  • Sharing analytics
  • Select social websites users can share to
  • ...and more!